The Week’s Best Cartoons 3/5

By Clay Bennett

I found so many incredible cartoons about Ukraine this week, with a noticeable shift in how Ukraine and Zelenskyy were portrayed. Thank you for indulging my love of this art form.


By Walt Handelsman
By Dave Whamond
By Tim Campbell
By Ann Telnaes
By Michael Ramirez
By Steve Breen
By Clay Bennett
By Matt Davies
By Menze
By Tango Gao
By Michael deAdder
By Mike Luckovich
By Rob Rogers
By Kal Kallagher
By Marc Murphy
By Pat Bagley
By Ann Telnaes
By Morten Morland
By Clay Bennett
By Kevin Siers
By Mike Luckovich
By Clay Jones
By Ben Jennings
By Clay Jones
By Bill Day

And Other News

By Matt Wuerker
By Clay Jones
By Nick Anderson
By Ann Telnaes
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  1. These are just brilliant. Being Texan, I especially appreciated the one with abbott and paxton beating the kid. Someone needs to beat them. Severely.

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