The Week’s Best Cartoons: Russia Invades Ukraine

By Kevin Siers
By Bill Bramhall
By Steve Breen
By Dave Granlund
By Nick Anderson
By Pat Chappatte (Switzerland)
By Ben Jennings (UK)
By Michael deAdder
By Ann Telnaes
By MacLeod
By Patrick Corrigan (Canada)
By Garrix (Netherlands)
By Bill Day
By Lalo Alcaraz
By Matt Davies
By Lalo Alcaraz
By Jeff Darcy
By Joe Heller
By Drew Sheneman
Via The Simpsons Twitter feed

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9 replies

  1. Very thoughtful cartoons. Thanks for sharing. xx Michael

  2. Well thought out social commentary. Shame it has to be true.. particularly with the GoP.

  3. Can you please draw a cartoon of western interests over resource rich Ukraine? Or a cartoon showing two devils instead of just one? The one sided narrative is getting a little old. Thanks for ignoring or canceling this message. 😐


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