The Week’s Best Cartoons 2/19

By Walt Handelsman

While there was plenty of drama here at home, I must admit I was more preoccupied by what was happening overseas. It appears our cartoonists were, too.

Here At Home

By Matt Davies
By Clay Bennett
By Mike Luckovich
By Ann Telnaes
By Clay Jones
By Clay Bennett
By Marc Murphy
By Mike Luckovich
By Andy Marlette
By Darrin Bell

By Pat Bagley

What’s Happening Abroad

By Kevin Siers
By Kazanevsky (Ukraine)
By Amorin (Brazil)
By Emad Hajjaj (Jordan)
By Walt Handelsman
By Bill Day
By Stellina Chen
By Morten Morland (UK)
By Adam Zyglis
By Kevin Siers

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  1. GREAT cartoons this week! These people are amazing at what they do.


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