Let’s Flip the Senate Seat in Florida!

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

We have a great opportunity to flip a few Senate seats to the Democrats this November, and the Florida Senate seat is highly competitive.

Let’s do a quick run down of why Marco Rubio needs to lose his re-election bid, who is running against him, and a few ideas of how you can help lay the groundwork right now to flip this seat.

Why Rubio must go

If there’s one thing Marco Rubio is known for, it’s his cowardice. Here’s a small selection of things he’s done to demonstrate that he’s not the Senator Floridians (or any of us) need in these dangerous time:

He voted to acquit Donald Trump AFTER the insurrection.

He voted AGAINST forming a bipartisan commission to investigate the January 6th insurrection. And he voted that way AFTER saying this: “We need to learn as much as we can: A, because it was a shameful day — something that should never happen again — and B, because I think our enemies of this country, terrorists and others, will look to learn from that day, potentially, one day take lessons learned from it to attack us here.” source

He gleefully voted to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court 8 DAYS before a presidential election after vocally agreeing with Mitch McConnell that Merrick Garland should not be considered because at 8 MONTHS, it was too close to a presidential election.

He has repeatedly downplayed the severity of the covid pandemic. source

Not to mention that he cannot, under any circumstances, cross Donald Trump. Example:

The Democratic challengers

Until the primary happens on August 23, we won’t know who the Democratic challenger will be. There are a number of people running so far, although from a fundraising perspective, there is a clear frontrunner: Representative Val Demings (FL-10) has brought in over $20M already. The candidate coming in second has almost raised $1M. The full list of candidates can be found HERE.

How to help

If you’re in Florida, first and foremost, make sure you vote in the primary and get everyone you know to vote in the election on August 23.

I asked a fellow activist friend in Florida to point me to great organizations working to register and turn out voters in Florida that deserve our support right now, and here’s what she suggested:

Until we have a final candidate, let’s focus on getting folks registered to vote (or confirming that their registration is still active), and ramping up enthusiasm to vote. Check THIS for ideas on how to help get people registered, and consider signing up with Postcards for Swing States which will be focusing on Florida, among other states.

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  1. Tokyo, he definitely is not known for being courageous. In the 2016 presidential primary, he ran from his greatest legislative accomplishment when the bipartisan Gang of Eight helped pass a pretty good immigration bill, which the House decided not to take up, as the GOP thought they would get more votes by not passing it. This was the best effort in about five years to do something. Rubio decided to pretend it never happened. He also had spoken about climate change and same sex marriage, but when he ran in 2016, he decided that it would be better to pretend he never did.

    Rubio had a chance to be the voice of the new GOP, but he threw away his youthful advantage and decided to run as a 65 year old Anglo-saxon instead of a 40ish Hispanic American. So, he was made to look foolish and was ousted as a candidate. Keith

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