The Week’s Best Cartoons 1/8

By Christopher Weyant

It’s a new year and I’m back with our normal Saturday editorial cartoons feature. This year started off with a bang!

New Year

By Mike Luckovich
By Walt Handlesman
By Rob Tornoe

January 6 Anniversary

By Pat Bagley
By Bill Bramhall
By Mike Luckovich
By Michael Ramirez
By Lalo Alcaraz
By Kal Kallagher
By Matt Wuerker
By Jeff Darcy
By Bill Bramhall
By Mike Luckovich
By Ann Telnaes

Be sure to spend some time with this masterful work by Ann Telnaes. Look closely — How many folks do you recognize?

And Other News

By Adam Zyglis
By Clay Jones
By Bill Bramhall
By Clay Jones
By Ben Jennings
By Ramses Morales Izqui


By Marshall Ramsey
By Marc Murphy
By Marc Murphy

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  1. I see headlines that Trump is watching the coverage of what is happening and is fuming. I truly do not know what to say to that other than maybe he should not have lied about the election fraud and not instigated an insurrection on the Capitol because he cannot stand losing. One thing I have gleaned from two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Bob Woodward’s books based on several hundreds of hours of recorded interviews is Trump is always fuming about something, usually because someone did not genuflect enough or kiss the ring.

    • Trump seems to be a person who runs on hatred of people who “did him wrong.” And, because he’s just a horrible person anyway, keeps creating more people who “do him wrong.”

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