The Week’s Best Cartoons 12/18

By Mike Luckovich

I hope you all can get rested and recharged prior to the new year. I’m looking forward to doing some planning for what Political Charge will do in 2022. In the meantime, here are some of the best editorial cartoons I found this week.

By Bill Day
By Clay Bennett
By Kevin Necessary
By Jeff Darcy
By Bill Bramhall
By Bill Day
By Michael deAdder
By Michael Ramirez
By Andy Marlette
By Ann Telnaes
By Clay Bennett
By Ann Telnaes
By Clay Jones
By Mike Luckovich
By Phil Hands
By Marc Murphy
By Clay Jones
By Marc Murphy
By Lalo Alcaraz

Thank you for reading Political Charge! In the coming year, I’ll be focused on winning the 2022 midterms, pushing positive Democratic messaging, and bringing some relief in the form of good news and cartoons. If you’d like to support my work, you can do that at my Patreon page!

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  1. Tokyo, tough week for the Fox.

    -Best journalist left following the departure last month of two well-respected staff who took issue with the false flag narrative. That is after another one of their better journalists was asked to leave at the behest of the latest former president while in office.
    -Opinion hosts show hypocrisy by pleading for the president to stop the January 6 uprising while blaming Antifa on the air later in the day. I don’t think MAGA extremists and Antifa are the same crowd.
    -Defamation lawsuit by Dominion can continue against Fox.
    -Meadows looks like he played a role in the insurrection, with other names to follow.

    The truth matters. The truthtellers matter. Or, at least they should.


    • I hope the Dominion lawsuit puts a real chink in their armor.

    • Hey, Keith,
      If there is an Antifa now, it is only because Trump invented it as a whipping boy for himself. Blame things on Antifa, and they get whipped instead of him. Just another way to hide what he himself was doing.

      • Rawgod, and that is the one key talent of the former president. Invent something (or select something) that can be used to make people afraid of it, label it, and repeat it often. He has been doing this most of his life as part of his marketing schtick. Fear sells. Always has. He does not bother with anything that cannot be put on a bumper sticker to elicit fear and imply he alone can solve it. Keith


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