Let’s Look at Some Good News for a Change

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The news has been a bit rough recently, so it seemed like a good time to recap the good news I’ve seen in the news recently. Without further ado, let’s dive in:

President Biden has ended the practice of holding undocumented migrant families in detention centers. As of Friday, the U.S. had zero immigrant families in facilities.

Both California and New York are planning to write laws, based on the loophole the Texas abortion law uses (and that the Supreme Court has allowed to temporarily stand), to empower private citizens to enforce a ban on assault weapons and sue gun manufacturers.

Vice President Harris and Secretary Yellen announced $8.7 billion in funding to supporting small and minority-owned businesses.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court denied the GOP request to dismiss a challenge to their recently redrawn (gerrymandered) maps.

NY State Department of Labor is investigating Fox News for gender discrimination and retaliation.

Ali Alexandar, a chief organizer of Trump’s Stop the Steal rally, is cooperating with the January 6th Committee.

The Senate created a carve-out of the filibuster and then voted to raise the debt limit, thereby avoiding catastrophic default and ensuring the debt limit wouldn’t be an issue again until after the midterms.

A federal judge dismissed Trump’s case which sought to keep his tax returns secret from Congress.

Biden is set to have 30 federal judges confirmed by the end of the year, exceeding the number Trump confirmed during his year.

Since Biden’s inauguration, the S&P 500 Index has risen 21.7%.

The jobless rate has decreased from 6.3% in June to 4.2% in November.

Biden signed an executive order that directs 17 federal agencies to make 36 customer experience improvements, to improve the delivery of government services for the people. Who’s affected Anyone using Social Security, Medicare, the IRS, airports, student loans, navigating a natural disaster, small business loans, and more.

U.S. health regulators permanently loosened restrictions on abortion pills, allowing them to be dispensed by mail.

A federal judge has overturned the opioid settlement that was shielding the Sackler family from civil litigation.

Jim Bob Duggar lost his GOP primary in Arkansas — quite badly — as he only garnered 456 votes.

Over 200 million Americans (over 60%) are fully vaccinated.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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