Sometimes, Politics Can Be Funny

UPDATE: Democrats passed the Build Back Better bill early this morning. Zero Republicans voted for it.

Last night, the House was going to take a vote to pass the second infrastructure bill, the Build Back Better bill.

We all know that Nancy Pelosi does not schedule a vote unless she’s rounded up the votes she needs. So this was big. Keep in mind that some of the moderate Democrats wanted to wait until the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) score came out, which happened yesterday. The final score was very good (see my note at the end of this post for more) and the moderate Democrats were on board.

Prior to voting, however, the minority leader gets to speak — as long as he wants to — and Kevin McCarthy decided he was going to make the most of it.

So he talked…

and he talked…

and he talked some more.

And Twitter responded, in a way that only Twitter can. Let me give you a taste of the evening:

And this from the White House Rapid Response Director:

Rep. Jamie Raskin was on fire all night:

Some perfectly timed humor from Rep. Jerry Nadler:

And a nice recap from Adam Schiff:

As I type this, Kevin McCarthy is still talking, apparently unaware that the Democrats have rescheduled the vote for 8am ET (Friday).

In any case, next up, the House will vote for the bill and then it’ll head off to the Senate. And we can get ready to add the BBB bill to Biden’s already long list of accomplishments. More on that in the next week.

Politics can be infuriating, but sometimes, we can all get together to laugh at the absurdity of certain moments. Have a good Friday!

For those of you interested in the CBO score, this is what we learned. Not including the potential revenue sources, CBO found that over the next 10 years, the BBB would increase in the deficit of $367 billion. (Recall that the CBO said Trump’s tax bill in 2017 would add $1.4 TRILLION to the deficit.) But when you include the BBB’s tax collection program (this is where the IRS would have more resources to enforce payment of taxes by billionaires and big corporations), the deficit would DECREASE by $127 billion. On top of that, multiple Nobel Laureates have already said that the provisions in the BBB bill would REDUCE inflation.

But this might be the best tweet I saw in response to the rosy CBO score:

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  1. Tokyo, of course, there was a joke about how a GOP representative sent out an anime video of him killing and beheading another representative and not seeing it as promoting violence. Then, said representative sent it out again after being censured showing no remorse. Oh, that wasn’t a joke? He really did that? And, he is also a dentist? Maybe we better watch him with the dental tooth scraper. Keith


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