Here’s What’s Next for Infrastructure

The historic infrastructure bill has been signed into law so now we’re going to celebrate the win and look ahead at getting the next one.

First up, President Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act on Monday in a public ceremony and just yesterday, the Democrats released a terrific ad that illustrates just how different the two parties are:

I encourage you to share the ad and any other posts/tweets you see touting its accomplishments for the next several weeks. Long enough so that everyone hears the Democratic messaging on this bill before the GOP narrative takes hold. If you want to brush up on what exactly is in the bill, read THIS.

First on their to do list is using the $17B allocated for ports to relieve the immediate congestion caused by disruptions to the global supply chain and changes in consumer spending habits. Then, improvements need to be made to make the country’s ports more efficient and competitive. In what was a shocking statistic for me to read, I learned that only four U.S. ports are among the top 50 busiest ports in the world! (source) Biden aims to change that.

If you want to read more specifics about what Biden’s White House is doing to help our ports, read this terrific, and easy to read, brief.

Next up, we need to start calling our Representative and Senators to get the Build Back Better bill passed. This is the social infrastructure bill that will help relieve the costs of childcare, eldercare and healthcare, make investments in combatting climate change, and expand affordable housing.

Even better, we just learned earlier this week from dozens of economists and analysts who have been reviewing the BBB bill that this legislation will actually EASE inflation. (source) This is HUGE and very welcome news. The last step is to get the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) cost estimate which is something moderate Democrats had asked for prior to voting on the bill. That is expected to be delivered on Friday.

Now, in the reverse of the first infrastructure bill, the BBB will be voted on by the House first, possibly as soon as the end of this week, and then, if passed, it’ll head to the Senate.

In closing, I leave you with two easy action steps to take this week:

  1. Amplify any and all positive posts and messaging you see about the towering achievement that is passing the first infrastructure bill.
  2. Call your Rep first, then your Senators to urge them to pass the Build Back Better bill as soon as possible to help ease inflation and deliver even more to regular Americans.

Thank you for taking action!

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