Election 2021: It’s Election Day!!

Go Vote

It’s Election Day in 30+ states today. Virginia and New Jersey have statewide elections and all of the other states have local elections, school board races, or ballot measures to vote on.

Not sure if you have an election today? Check here: State Election Websites

If you’re in one of these states, please, go vote. “Off year” elections usually have low turnout, so the smallest margins can win a race. Let’s make sure not to let the highly motivated but badly misinformed Republicans win!

Additional resources:
> What to do if you run into trouble at the polls
> What to do if you need to vote with a provisional ballot

Please spread the word to any friends and family you may have that today is Election Day. Share via Twitter, Instagram, or your favorite social media sites, or even email or a call! You’d be surprised how many people have NO IDEA it is Election Day.

Thank you! Please vote!

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  1. Tokyo, people need to vote. As an independent, I can argue some policy issues with Democrats, but I find myself arguing what is true with Republicans. The former president has lied continuously about the election and acted seditiously leading up to and on January 6. Climate change is a huge problem and we need to move more quickly. Health care is an issue to many, so expanding Medicaid in the remaining states is key. And, Civil rights have become more important now that the GOP has welcomed so much extremist thinking. Oh, and people need to get vaccinated for COVID. Keith

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