Elections 2021: They’re Almost Here!

I’ve been focusing most of my social media energy on alerting people to the fact that they might have an election to vote in on Tuesday, November 2.

I’m glad that the media has been paying a lot of attention to Virginia, but 30+ states have elections and many voters still don’t know! Most of these are local elections, ballot measures and (drumroll) school board races. I think we’ve all seen how critical these races are to the functioning of our democracy.

If you haven’t already, check out my post from earlier this week — Do You Have An Election Next Week? — and check to see if you have an election. Either way, I hope you will share the post or at least alert people in your state if you do have an election.

If you can spare any time to help turn out the vote, I hope you will do that this weekend. There are lots of opportunities to plug into and an easy place to learn about those opportunities is Mobilize Us. Click that link to find opportunities either in your area or available virtually.

And finally, take a look at this fantastic cheat sheet that Daniel Nichanian put together of critical races and ballot measures that will be decided on November 2nd. It gives you a really good sense of just how much is at stake!

As always, thank you for sharing these posts and for finding time to take some civic action.

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  1. Tokyo, for the simple reason there are people counting on you not voting, get out and vote. For the simple reason that people are trying not to count your vote, get out and vote. For the simple reason, the group of people who are doing the above have cheated, by far, more than any other group and rationalize the deceit of the last former president and tell us not to look into an insurrection on our Capitol building, get out and vote. But, let’s set that aside and say if you care about saving our planet and addressing climate change before it forever changes how we eat, drink and breathe, then get out and vote. So says this old fart. Keith

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