Do You Have an Election Next Week?

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I’ve been writing a lot about the upcoming election in Virginia on November 2, but did you know there are elections in nearly every state that day as well?

Yes! Most states are holding a variety of local, county, and state level elections in 8 days and unfortunately, because it isn’t a presidential election, far too many voters may not know!

So, today I want you to take 2 minutes to click this link — Ballotpedia’s Election Calendarand see if your state is listed. They aren’t able to list every single local election but it’ll give you a sense of just how many states do have elections that day.

To double check, you can always go to your state’s election website and double check to see if you have an election to vote in.

Have you checked? Seriously, click the link right now and check.

If you DO have an election, please let your community know! Write a tweet, or post about it on Facebook — you never know who’s paying attention and who isn’t.

If you don’t, that’s ok. Perhaps you can share this post to spread the word.

Thank you for taking action!

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  1. Ooo, good to know about Ballotpedia’s Elections Calendar!

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