How Did That Headline Make You Feel?

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Sometimes I see contradictory stories (or data points) right next to each other and it makes me wonder.

Today, I saw these two headlines:

1) A new Quinnipiac polls finds 46% of Americans would rather see Republicans win control of the House, while 43% say Democrats.

2) A new Quinnipiac poll finds 62% of Americans support President Biden’s $1 trillion bill to improve the nation’s roads, bridges, broadband, and other infrastructure projects; and 54% of Americans support a $3.5 trillion spending bill on social programs such as child care, education, family tax breaks, and expanding Medicare for seniors.

So, the same polling organization, using the same methodology finds that a plurality of Americans would like to see the House flip to Republicans, but on the other hand, the policy agendas that Biden and the Democrats are enacting are popular with a clear majority of the people.

Why am I pointing this out? Well, I think we all have a tendency to take one data point and run with it. I’m sure there are those who see the first data point and think all is lost when it comes to the 2022 midterms. On the other hand, that same person may then see the second data point and assume that the Democrats will be fine in the midterms (as long as we pass the bills, of course.)

At the end of the day, though, I only want to caution everyone to be aware of how different headlines affect your motivation to take action. Do you find yourself relaxing when you read good news? Do you find yourself motivated to take action, or perhaps throw your hands up in despair, if you read bad news?

At the end of the day, I think it’s important we keep participating in civic activities no matter what. Most of us can spare a few minutes here and there to make a call, or have a discussion, or amplify important information.

As always, thanks for reading Political Charge and staying involved in politics!

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  1. Tokyo, the key to me as an independent (and former GOP and Dem) voter is the Dems need to pass something tangible. In my view, they have waited too long to get the infrastructure bill over the goal line. I understand many want to pair it with other legislation, but this has gone on too long. I do agree that the GOP is not being very cooperative, but a portion of this delay is Democrat inflicted. Plus, what frustrates me beyond the GOP being so enamored with untruthful narratives relating to the former president’s bogus election fraud claims and seditious actions and the COVID vaccine resistance, is Biden not handling the Afghanistan exit very well. He gave fodder to his critics.

    To be frank, the GOP does not deserve to win any seats given how adrift and untethered to the truth the party is, and its support of the former president untruthful narratives, but the Dems need to start acting like a party that can do things well. Get it done. Because what I see in the GOP is not very attractive, especially if we want to address climate change, civil rights concerns, and needed changes to help those on the lower economic strata. Keith

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