One Month To Go! How You Can Drive Turnout in Virginia


We’ve got just under one month to go until the November 2021 elections and all eyes are on Virginia. The Trump era motivated massive activism and organizing in both 2017 and 2019 which resulted in Virginia turning blue, BUT the state is incredibly competitive and Republicans are working overtime to flip the state back to red.

We’ve worked too hard to lose it all in a month. Under the Democrats, Virginia has enacted some incredible policies (like expanded voting rights!) and we need to encourage as many people as possible to lend a helping hand. I’ve collected a handful of opportunities to get involved with the Virginia elections. I hope you will pick one and volunteer some of your time to help!

Swing Left

Swing Left has an Immediate Impact team that you can join right now. You’ll learn about current opportunities to get involved and chat with organizers on the ground who can help answer your questions about the opportunities that come up. They also have letter writing and phone banking opportunities you can plug into.

Vote Forward

Vote Forward has several letter writing campaigns to turn out the vote in Virginia. Several of these campaigns are targeting letters to be sent by October 16, so there’s still time to grab a handful of addresses and get going!

Sister District

Sister District has put together a special ActBlue link to support 12 diverse candidates running for the Virginia state legislature. You can donate to all 12 (or a selection of) candidates with a click of a button!

The Democrats

The Democrats have ongoing phone banks to call Virginia Democrats and remind them to return their ballot. Don’t worry if you’ve never made these types of calls before, or if you want a refresher. They offer training!

If you are aware of other easy-to-plug-into opportunities for folks around the country to help turnout the vote in Virginia, please let me know.

Again, I hope you’ll look into at least one of these opportunities and take action. You can also help by sharing this post with your own networks!

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  1. Tokyo, if people care about the truth, environment, civil rights, and a more fair economy, vote for the Democratic candidate. Democrats are not perfect, but at least they are speaking about policies rather than peddling untruths to prop up a deceitful and seditious acting former president. I argue policy points with my Democrat friends, but I argue the truth with my Republican friends. A party cannot denigrate its truth tellers and elevate its liars as has done the GOP and be considered a party of ideas. Keith


  1. Virginia is the Future Liberals Want* – Political⚡Charge

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