When the News Gets Frustrating

It’s anyone’s guess what will happen with the two big infrastructure bills working their way through Congress, or voting rights, or any of the other big agenda items Biden has on his list. But I find I’m increasingly frustrated by how some “supporters” are reacting on social media. 

I’m hearing a lot of, “The Democrats better get their act together, or I’m OUT!” Essentially, sitting back with their arms crossed, pointing their finger and demanding immediate action, and then threatening to take their vote to a third party if they don’t get what they want. 

I get viscerally angry when I see it. 

Why? For several reasons. For one, it demonstrates they don’t understand that democracy is slow, grinding work. People who want immediate results tend to want authoritarians in power. And I’m definitely not into that. 

I also dislike the passive stance they take — that it is someone else’s job to deliver what they want. Instead, I look at the activists and organizers who tirelessly work in their communities (however you define community) to move their policy goals forward. You know what I don’t hear from those organizers? That they’re going to give up and give their vote to a third party candidate with no support, infrastructure, or backing. 

The folks who complain seem to forget (or skip over) the gains that we’ve already made under Biden. I rarely, if ever, see them promoting and amplifying the good things that the Democrats have accomplished. Things like:

The child tax credit (passed as part of the American Rescue Plan) lifted over 3 million kids out of poverty.

Biden has been confirming federal judges at a faster pace than Trump was.

Biden got us out of the endless war in Afghanistan. 

I’m sure you have your favorite accomplishments as well as your share of frustration as to what hasn’t happened yet. I only hope you amplify the good that’s been done and do what you can to push for progress in those areas that haven’t been fully realized yet. 

I’m here for those folks who know that taking action is a far more effective way to secure their policy goals than arm chair quarterbacking.

Thanks for being here.

REMINDER: Tomorrow (Tues. 9/28) is National Voter Registration Day. Here’s 7 easy ways you can help spread the word to your community!

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