How To Help Keep Deb Haaland’s NM Seat Blue

Melanie Stansbury (photo via campaign website)

Since the Democrats only have a 5 seat majority in the House of Representatives, it is crucial that we win every special election that comes up during this session. The next seat we need to protect is New Mexico’s 1st District.

Last week we got the news that Democratic turnout in the Texas special election was awful and we lost out on getting a candidate in the runoff for the TX-06 seat. Let’s not make that same mistake with NM-01, Deb Haaland’s (now Secretary of the Interior) former congressional seat.

Please read a bit about our great candidate for this election and then please spread the word!

About Melanie Stansbury

Melanie Stansbury is currently a state representative in New Mexico’s legislature. She has passed fourteen pieces of legislation since she joined the legislature in 2018 including bills “to expand economic opportunity, improve education, address childhood hunger and public safety, increase access to healthcare, and support the stewardship of our land, water, and energy resources.” (source)

She’s been endorsed by Senator Maria Cantwell, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Emily’s List, Climate Hawks Vote, Congressional Progressive Caucus, Planned Parenthood, and the International Association of Heat & Frost Insulators and Allied Workers, among others.

About her opponent

Her opponent is Republican Mark Moores. (There is also a Libertarian and Independent running.) Moores is currently a state senator in New Mexico’s legislature so he, like Stansbury, has some name recognition. On his campaign website, Moores says he wants to repeal the Social Security Tax, wants to “stand up to radical extremists who want to defund the police,” rallies against the COVID shutdown, and wants to fight President Biden’s ban on drilling on federal lands. (source)

Info for NM voters

Election Day: June 1

Early voting: Now through May 29

Info about absentee & early voting HERE

Info voter registration HERE

Find your polling location HERE

Ways to help

Make a direct donation to her campaign HERE

Sign up to get volunteer updates HERE

In New Mexico and want a yard sign? Order yours HERE

Sign up for a phonebank HERE

Follow & amplify Melanie on Twitter HERE

Share her campaign website HERE

Read more about this race

Getting to know CD-1 Candidate Melanie Stansbury

Q&A: 1st Congressional District Candidate Melanie Stansbury

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  1. I have decided that I will contribute to many special House elections this year as my way of trying to keep our slender Dem majority there, so sent $50. The message is sinking in with me that democracy has not been saved even though Biden was elected President. Thanks for posting about these races, TokyoSand!


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