Political Charge Hits 1,000! What’s Next?

I can’t quite believe it, but this is my 1,000th post.

I started writing Political Charge a touch over 3 years ago because some friends on Twitter encouraged me to take the explainers and calls to action I was posting there, and put them someplace where they wouldn’t get swallowed up after 15 minutes. I certainly had a lot of material to work with as we fought back against the former guy’s administration, and while we secured some key wins back in November, there is still a lot we need to do if our goal is to protect our democracy.

I am proud of the work I’ve done here, but what keeps me going are comments like this one, which I received yesterday:

I was referred to you by a friend a while back. You are the most informative of all the political columns!

My reason for writing Political Charge is still crystal clear, and so today I thought I’d take a moment to tell you what you can expect from me going forward, and to ask you for something in return.

But first, a few thank yous are in order. To all my current subscribers, thank you for being here. I’m so grateful that you are here for the long haul, and interested in staying on top of what is going on and how you can help.

Next, a big thank you to my Patreon supporters. You all are the reason I can afford my email subscription service and access to quality political analysis, and also why I can afford NOT to have those pesky, low-quality ads that used to be on the website.

And finally, to every one of you who has ever shared a post or a cartoon roundup — I am so grateful. You sharing my posts is how new people find my blog!

Ok, let’s look forward. It comes down to this: The last several years have been so corrosive for our democracy we just cannot, CANNOT, allow the Republicans to gain more power in our government — and I mean at both the federal and state level. Here’s what I’m going to keep writing about:

We need to win elections and protect voting so you can expect more articles like:

Georgia’s Voter Suppression Law is Only the Beginning
Is There Any Good News About Voting Rights?
Let’s Get the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act Passed
It’s Time To Get Postcarding Again!
And of course, the monthly elections calendars.

We need to apply pressure on our legislators to enact progressive change and so I’ll keep you informed about the hot topics on the Hill:

The Fight For DC Statehood Heats Up
What is the Gun Safety Legislation Working Its Way Through Congress?
The Filibuster: Everything You Need To Know

And of course, I’ll continue with the Saturday morning cartoons. Because I’d keep posting those even if I was the only one who liked them. But thankfully, I’m not. In fact this past Saturday’s post got 5x the normal views on my cartoons!

Now here’s what I’d like to ask of you:

If it’s been a while since you shared one of my posts, I’d like to encourage you to share this post or one of your recent favorites, on your social media channel. If you feel comfortable saying that this is a blog you like to read, all the better. Truly, you sharing my posts is how this blog grows. And I want to get in front of anyone who might be convinced that yes, they can spare a few minutes to help protect our democracy.

If you don’t already, follow me on my social media accounts. On Twitter, I post pretty regularly throughout the day to keep people informed about what’s happening in the news. On Instagram, I’m fairly focused on voting rights and actually show my face from time to time. I’m less active on Facebook, but I post every Political Charge article there — when I’ve gone viral, it’s always because people are sharing on that platform.

And if you are able to, I’d be grateful if you supported this blog by joining my Patreon. If you click the link, you can read about the levels of support to choose from and also how I use the support you give me to make Political Charge better.

Again, thank you so much for being a reader! Onto the next 1,000!

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5 replies

  1. Tokyo, congratulations on your milestone. Keith

  2. Thank you for your most informative postings. From my many years of political activism, my inbox is cluttered every day with info and requests from a dozen or more of the candidates I have supported, from Biden and Harris to Horsford in Nevada, and up and down. My New Year’s resolution was to quickly clean house by clicking rapidly on the spam icon – except for your Political Charge blog – which is always refreshing, is even in its tone, and thoughtful. Thank you.
    Former SF Supervisor and 1961 Freedom Rider, Carol Ruth Silver

    • Carol, I can’t tell you how much your comment means to me, especially in light of your long history with civic action. I am deeply touched and will continue to do the best I can to be a voice that others find useful.


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