Here Are the GOP Senate Seats to Flip in 2022

Do you want to see the Democrats gain a bigger majority in the Senate in 2022? If so, you’ll want to bookmark this post.

But first, remember this: Until the blue wave midterms of 2018, the Democrats had a HORRIBLE habit of not showing up to vote in off-cycle years. Even though we have control of Congress right now, we have the barest of majorities and if we let our guard down even a little bit, the Republicans will get right back into control. If that happens, President Biden won’t be able to get anything done past his first two years. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

This cycle, 14 Democratic seats and 20 Republican seats will be up for re-election in the Senate. As per usual, though, only a small number of them are considered to be competitive. I’ve listed all of the seats up for grabs below and have highlighted those that are the most competitive. I’ve also noted at the end of this post those Democratic seats we’ll need to protect.

It’ll be a while yet before we know who the final candidates will be for each of these races, but as these races take shape, I’ll continue to update you. So if you aren’t already a Political Charge subscriber, today would be a good day to sign up!

Competitive GOP Seats

Florida – Marco Rubio

North Carolina – Richard Burr (retiring)

Ohio – Rob Portman (retiring)

Pennsylvania — Pat Toomey (retiring)

Wisconsin – Ron Johnson *publicly announced he would object to 2020 electoral votes but backed down after the insurrection

Very Red Seats

Alabama – Richard Shelby (retiring)

Alaska – Lisa Murkowski

Arkansas – John Boozman

Idaho – Mike Crapo

Indiana – Todd Young

Iowa – Chuck Grassley (possible retirement? 87 years old)

Kansas – Jerry Moran

Kentucky – Rand Paul

Louisiana – John Kennedy *voted to object to 2020 electoral votes

Missouri – Roy Blunt (retiring)

North Dakota – John Hoeven

Oklahoma – James Lankford *publicly announced he would object to 2020 electoral votes but backed down after the insurrection

South Carolina – Tim Scott

South Dakota – John Thune

The Democrats

Most competitive: We need to fiercely protect Mark Kelly’s seat in Arizona and Raphael Warnock’s seat in Georgia after they won their special elections last cycle.

Also competitive: Catherine Cortez Masto’s seat in Nevada, and Maggie Hassan’s seat in New Hampshire.

Safely Democratic: Alex Padilla in California, Michael Bennet in Colorado, Richard Blumenthal in Connecticut, Brian Schatz in Hawaii, Tammy Duckworth in Illinois, Chris Van Hollen in Maryland, Chuck Schumer in New York, Ron Wyden in Oregon, Patrick Leahy in Vermont, and Patty Murray in Washington.

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