An Open Letter to the Republican Party

Dear Republican Party members,

No, we will not be moving on.

We reject your attempts to change the subject and calls for “unity” because we see them for what they are: You’re desperately trying to escape accountability for the role you played in Trump’s Insurrection this past Wednesday.

As Thomas Paine said, “A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody.” And until you take responsibility, we do not trust you to do the job you were elected to do.

Lest anyone think I am only talking to Republicans in Congress, I am not. I am also pointing my fingers at Republicans in state legislatures as well.

For 4+ years, you either actively pushed lies spewed by Trump and his allies, or stayed silent in the face of those lies, which perhaps you now realize allowed them to take root and spread.

Taking only the most recent lie as an example — Trump pushing the lie that he won the November election in a landslide — you all helped him push that lie, and that took root in tens of millions of Americans, and radicalized many of them as you personally bore witness to on Wednesday.

You did not push back on the lie.

You did not tell your voters the truth, which is that Joe Biden won decisively.

You refused to refer to Biden as President-Elect.

You insisted that Trump was right to contest the election in court after he’d lost dozens of lawsuits.

You signed on to the Texas lawsuit to the Supreme Court asking them to disregard the will of the voters in four states, which gave Trump’s supporters false hope.

You allowed millions of people believe that Congress could overturn the election on January 6.

You repeatedly used the word “fight” when speaking to Trump’s supporters about the election and I have no doubt that some of you knew full well that that word would spur violent action. Politicians, as a group, know better than most, the power of words.

All of these actions stoked up the rage in the people you were confronted with on Wednesday, and until you publicly acknowledge that your actions (and inactions) led to the insurrection, we will not move on.

I am incensed with those of you who continued with your plan to decertify electoral votes AFTER the insurrection. You are unfit to serve our great country and need to be expelled.

I am incensed with those of you who continue to use inflammatory language post-insurrection, because you clearly haven’t learned anything from this past week’s siege.

I am incensed with those of you have not said ONE WORD about the four people who died and the Capitol Police officer who appears to have been murdered as he did his duty to protect you.

I am incensed with those of you who are whining about social media because you don’t care that it was used to organize a coup in an attempt to bring down our government.

I am incensed that you are willing to sweep away the events on Wednesday even though the mob was clear in their intent to KILL YOUR VICE PRESIDENT.

So, no. We will not move on. We demand accountability. And that means you will own up to your role in radicalizing the people who sought to bring down our democracy on Wednesday. Do it now.

If this letter speaks to you, I hope you will share it with others. Thank you.

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  1. Is this going to be something we can add our names to?

  2. Tokyo, it should be noted Colin Powell, who some wanted to run for president in 2008 has noted he is leaving the Republican Party over their acquiescence to Trump’s deceitful behavior. Keith

  3. You don’t have a “Like” button. So I am replying to express my appreciation and support.

    The Republican party is no longer the party of Abraham Lincoln. It is now the party of traitors.

  4. shared to twitter. thanks tokyo

  5. WELL DONE! I will share this and agree with it. Thank you.

  6. This is such an awesome letter. Absolutely 100% agreement with everything you wrote. If they want us to move on, I want to see a resolution of some sort with every stinking one of them on record saying that Biden IS the president, that Biden won fair and square, that there was NO fraud, and that Trump’s claims to the contrary are absolutely false. Until I hear any of that, the hell with all of them. Thank you again for expressing yourself so forcefully. I feel your pain!

  7. Greetings from Wales. A forceful but necessary letter. I feel for you that such an insurrection could be planned by and encouraged by a sitting President and a political party. There needs to be punishment for everyone involved as well as an apology to the majority for putting democracy at risk as well as heir lives.

  8. Canadians turned out in droves–safely, from afar–to support the occupiers. They know it”s all a huge lie, but that doesn’t stop them from showing their racist idiot-ologies. They should be apologising also, to you, and to us. They’ré nothing but weekend hypocrites. Today”s world seems to be full of them.

  9. Thank you. Agree 100%, Lack of accountability is what got us to this place, and now people MUST be held to account for the evil that they have incited.

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