Election 2020 Results: The Big Call Is Made

We did it. Joe Biden will be President-Elect and Kamala Harris will be Vice President-Elect.

As of a couple of hours ago, Decision Desk HQ called Pennsylvania for Biden, and not that he needed it, but he’s pulled ahead in Georgia as well. With the Pennsylvania call, Biden is at 273 Electoral votes.

Here’s the map over at DDHQ right now:

It’s a beautiful sight, isn’t it?

Now, what’s left to call? Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia are leaning towards Biden, and Alaska and North Carolina are leaning towards Trump. If those states hold up, the final Electoral votes will be Biden 306 – Trump 232.

We’ll know more about the final Electoral vote count and the final popular vote in the next few weeks. The Electoral College meets (and casts their official votes) on December 14 to complete the process.

I’ll have more election results to talk about in the coming weeks, as we learn more, but right now, let’s pause and take a moment to celebrate.

There are a lot of us who emerged from the wreckage of the 2016 election with a mission to get more politically active and make sure that Democrats turned out to vote. We all found our own path to taking action. Today, I have a vibrant community of friends and readers, most of whom I’ve not met in person, driven by this purpose.

We’ve pushed out information to educate and inform other citizens, we’ve boosted our great candidates, we’ve gotten out the vote in a myriad of ways, written postcards and letters, phone and text banked, donated to candidates up and down the ballot — it’s been amazing to see. And we need to celebrate that.

So, I hope you take a moment today to sit back, smile, and pat yourself on the back if you did any of these activities. We made this happen. We just kicked out Trump and elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. And that’s nothing short of awesome!!!

It’s important to savor and celebrate the wins. Because we still have a lot of work to do. First and foremost, we’ve got to go win those two Georgia Senate seats. This country will always do better when its citizens are engaged and pushing for progress. Thank you for being here and taking action with me!


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3 replies

  1. TokyoSand

    I have been religiously following your emails for many, many months now. I have both enjoyed and appreciated your wonderful insights and advice. It’s kind of like you’ve been a virtual soulmate through these dark times.

    I wish it were such that I could give you a great big physical hug right now. But, you’ll have to settle for a virtual one.

    I look forward to the next phase.

    Many regards and great thanks,
    Jud Lawrie
    Northern Vermont

    • Thank you so much, Jud. I can feel your hug from here! We’ve gotten past a HUGE hurdle but there is more to do. I’ll be here for the next phase, don’t you worry. All the best.

  2. TokyoSand, this is a great day for America and the rest of the world. The wording in the congratulations from abroad is telling. The president’s machinations (which began six months ago) will continue, but hopefully even he will come around and do the right thing. That is doubtful, but we can wish. Keith

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