Election 2020: It’s Finally Here!

After four, very long years, we are here. It’s Election Day 2020!

I’m sure you’re pretty distracted today, so I’ll keep this really short.

FIRST, if you haven’t voted already, vote! A lot of polling places have moved or been shut down, so double check your polling location, which you can find HERE. Bring your ID if required.

SECOND, if you run into any trouble at the polls or you hear from someone who is having an issue, make sure they call 866-OUR-VOTE before they leave the polling place. A huge network of election lawyers and officials are on standby to help.

THIRD, whether you voted early or you’re voting today, post that you have voted on social media ASAP. Point to your I Voted sticker, or repost the picture of you dropping off your ballot, etc. (Just don’t post a selfie with your completed ballot, as that is illegal in many states.) Research shows these posts create a kind of “peer pressure” that nudges people to go vote!

Me, putting my ballot in the dropbox 10 days ago.

Now, once voting is done, where can you go to follow the results? It’s important, especially this year, that we not share results that aren’t from a reputable source. Twitter announced yesterday that they would be cracking down on tweets claiming official results that were out of step with the 7 outlets they said they’ll be relying on: ABC News, AP, CNN, CBS News, Fox News, NBC News, and Decision Desk HQ.

Some of you may be watching the news. Others may be watching through social media. I recommend you follow or at least bookmark Decision Desk HQ. Their website of results (already active!) is HERE, and their Twitter account is HERE.

Over the next several days, as results are announced, I’ll keep you updated with the results. I will focus on the biggest races, incredibly crucial races, and the feel-good wins that might get lost in the news.

Let’s do this!


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  1. Agreed. Please vote. Trump won last time because he convinced enough not to vote and he is at it again, but this time he is taking efforts to make it happen his way. This post based on a Rush song is getting a lot of action this year. The title is self explanatory. Keith


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