Election 2020: The Last Weekend

I have a question for you: What did you do on the last weekend in 2016?

Was it all you could have done?

I fully believe that in order to get our country back on the right track, we can’t just win this by a hair. We need to win this decisively, so it is clear to all how we collectively judge these last 4 years. It is not enough to know the polls have been favorable. We need to make sure that everyone who participated in that poll actually votes and turns those polls into reality.

Every one of us needs to take every action we can think of to help turn out voters. Don’t worry — I won’t leave you hanging. Here’s some ideas:

Vote tripling — If every voter reaches out to 3 family members or friends to remind them to vote, and hold them accountable to voting, we can win this. Indivisible has sample emails or DMs you could send them this weekend. You can find them HERE.

Phone bank — Reach out to voters in swing states by signing up for a phone bank. Never phone banked before? Read THIS. Ready to get signed up? Find one HERE.

Plug in — A network of call-to-action sites like Wall Of Us and Indivisible are partnering to plug people in to volunteering opportunities during the Last Weekend. You can get connected to those efforts HERE.

Plan to vote — Share this info to help people make their plan to vote. Making sure voters turn out on Election Day is critically important, and working through these simple prompts can mean the difference.

I Voted selfie — When you vote and get your “I Voted” sticker, snap a selfie of yourself (but NOT your completed ballot — that may be illegal in your state), and then post that picture for all to see! Research has shown that seeing friends vote can be the final motivator to get people to vote themselves.

Thank you for everything you’ll do this weekend to bringing people’s attention to the importance of voting in this election. I’m heartened by all the great work I’m seeing friends and acquaintances do, and especially because many of them have said they didn’t do this level of work back in 2016. Together, we can do this!!

Working to get more friends and family to the polls? Read this –> How To Convince People to Vote in 2020


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  1. You didn’t mention candidate texting today but your prior comment about it inspired me to give it a try. I am enjoying it! I am a huge Postcards to Voters writer, but can’t do that now as the mailing timeline is too short. So I am getting my fix from texting!!!

    • Text banking is terrific, and if people are connected to a text bank already, I highly encourage them to sign up for shifts. I didn’t include it in my list today because I had trouble finding programs who were accepting new text bankers.

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