Voting Rights Updates Affecting the Election

I’m not sure there is anyone whose life is more crazy right now than an elections attorney. You’ve got the Democrats expanding voting rights and the Republicans trying to shut it all down so the Democrats counter — there are so many lawsuits, I can’t keep count.

Here are some of the recent decisions that have been made.

Some good…

Both Pennsylvania and South Carolina will now no longer allow counties to reject absentee ballots due to signature mismatches. Yeah!!

Pennsylvania Federal Court rejected a Republican motion to allow poll watchers at satellite voting locations.

New Jersey Federal Court granted a DCCC motion to dismiss Trump lawsuit against mail-in voting.

Texas Supreme Court rejected a Republican effort to block Harris County from operating its drive-through voting locations, but upheld Gov. Abbott’s order limiting counties to one mail ballot drop-off site.

And some not so good…

A Michigan judge ruled AGAINST Secretary of State’s directive to ban the open carry of firearms at polling places on Election Day. This means that voters can bring a gun in to vote with them if they are voting in a building that does not have restrictions on open carry.

Wisconsin will no longer count ballots received after the election. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that only ballots received by Election Day could be counted.

Missouri state court rejected a lawsuit seeking to count mail ballots postmarked by Election Day & received a few days after. The court also kept GOP’s requirements that only voters under age 65 have to get mail ballots notarized & mail votes can’t be returned in-person.

All I can say is I’m so glad the Democrats have people like Marc Elias working on our behalf. If you’re on Twitter, I highly recommend that you follow his updates. You can find him HERE.

Once we win this election, we need to get a new Voting Rights Act passed pronto.

Reminder: Unless mailing your ballot is your ONLY option, everyone highly recommends that you turn in your ballot in person. Check to see if you have a drop box or can drop it off at your local elections office.


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