Barrett’s Confirmation is NOT the End

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Here is my unedited, unfiltered response to the GOP confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court–to fill Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat no less–last night:

I’m 100% serious here. Alexander Hamilton himself said the Judiciary was the weakest of the three branches. Laws are far stronger than judicial opinion. I could be terrified by what this Supreme Court will do with voting rights. Or, I could do everything I can to make sure we win the White House and the Senate back in 7 days so that the Democrats can write a new, ironclad Voting Rights Act that neutralizes the Supreme Court.

We can write a law to make reproductive choice the law of the land. We won’t need Roe v. Wade anymore. The Senate is supposed to make laws, and with unified control with the Democrats, we can make right what Trump and the GOP made so, so wrong.

Say it with me, aloud: WE ARE GOING TO WIN. Say it again. Now, let’s go out and make sure we make this happen. There are a lot of Americans who need us to get this right.

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  1. I hope to GOD we are going to win!

  2. Make sure your friends and family vote and vote for the person who will try to unite us, as General James Mattis noted the current president, does not even try to do. Vote for the person who conservative David Brooks did not say “the Trump White House is equal parts chaos and incompetence” and later that “Trump does not have a sense of empathy or decency.”

    Biden is not perfect, but he is a decent person and will do what he can to bring this country together, established better and procedural governance and reassure our allies that we are a better partner than we have been. The military have a term for the poor management in the White House. It begins with “cluster.” I will let you finish the thought.

    I voted early and it was safe, secure, and well laid out, very much unlike what the president has been blathering about. It took twenty minutes. Keith

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