Election 2020: A Reason To Be Cautious

There’s a lot to get excited about. But there are also some warning signs that we need to keep in mind.

First off, let’s talk about the good news. Joe Biden announced his September fundraising total for September, and it’s just stunning. Everyone was blown away when he raised $364M in August — the biggest sum any presidential campaign had raised ever. But last month, he raised $383M!!

$203M of that came from small, online donors. And 1.1M of those donors were news to the campaign! Really, just excellent news indicating historic enthusiasm for this election.

Furthermore, the state polls consistently show Joe Biden ahead in some of the most important swing states, like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. (Not that we pay attention to polls, right?)

Plus, you’ve no doubt seen the incredibly long lines of people waiting to vote on the first day that early vote starts. The voter suppression that is creating those long lines is horrible, but there’s no arguing with the clear enthusiasm to vote.

Now, for the warning signs.

First up, we have no idea who all those voters are voting for. The conventional wisdom is that high voter turnout helps the Democrats, but there’s also research to indicate that may not be the case.

Next, I keep reading articles about how the Republicans have been doing a better job of registering voters, primarily because they keep doing in-person events, while the Democrats have been using more virtual means due to the pandemic.

Plus, there’s also these series of tweets from Jen O’Malley Dillon, Biden’s campaign manager:

Now, it could be that she’s warning us about the polls being a lot closer than we’ve been seeing because they have internal numbers that are telling a different story. It could also be that she doesn’t want Democrats getting complacent. Seeing huge fundraising numbers, high voter enthusiasm, positive polls — what if, 18 days before the election, Democrats once again think the election is in the bag and don’t vote?

Are you willing to take that chance?

I’m not. I hope you will join me in finding ways every single day between now and Election Day to encourage friends, family, neighbors, social media contacts, and anyone else you come into contact with, to vote!

Get Out the Vote Tip of the Day: Go to the website of a candidate you like and read through their issues page. Write out 1 or 2 things you like most about what they want to achieve in office, and then share them — either on social media or in your conversations with friends and family!

Get the rest of my tips here: 19 Quick Ways to Turn Out the Vote in 2020

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