Fighting Too Many Fires Gets You Burned

At the beginning of this year, I wrote a blog post about how we can avoid political burnout. My point at the time was that this election is a marathon and we had to pace ourselves. But here we are, just over 20 days from the election, and I realized I need to take my own advice again.

One of the key recommendations, which I crowdsourced by looking at a ton of articles about burnout, is to focus on a single goal and put your all into it.

Right now, the election is at the forefront, but competing for my energies is the Supreme Court fight over Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination, and the attempts by the Republicans all over the country to suppress votes. This weekend, I really had to take a moment and recognize that I can’t serve anyone if I’m too scattershot. And the one thing I know I can control is getting out the vote.

So, while I will continue to check into PoliticalWire for the latest headlines, I’m staying focused on winning Election 2020.

Like yesterday, I texted for Joe Biden’s campaign again and was assigned a bunch of voters in Texas. Every time I heard an enthusiastic “yes!” when I asked if they were voting for Biden, I got a rush. Those texts make my day. I’m looking forward to making more of them in the days we’ve got left.

Now, please don’t take this to mean that I don’t care about the outcome of the SCOTUS fight or voter suppression schemes. I do, deeply care. But when it comes to SCOTUS, it’s up to the Senate Democrats to pull any rabbits they can out of the hat to try and slow down the process. (I was thrilled to hear that Chuck Schumer said the Democrats were planning to prevent a quorum in the Judiciary Committee, for example.) And as for voter suppression, there are teams of lawyers all over the country fighting these fights on our behalf. (Looking at you, Marc Elias and others.)

When it comes to what I can personally do to get this country moving in the right direction again, it’s getting out the vote and winning as many races in Election 2020 as possible. How about you? What are you focused on right now?

Get Out the Vote Tip of the Day: Request a yard sign for one (or more!) of the candidates you’ll be voting for. This is a great way to boost their name recognition and show others that they are getting visible support!

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