26 Days To Go: The Race To Flip the Senate

With less than a month to go, the race to flip the Senate has shifted somewhat.

We knew that September was going to be a moment when big GOP donors would make a decision about whether or not they would continue to support Trump financially. Well, yesterday, the Daily Beast reported that in fact, they’ve decided not to support Trump. They think his campaign is flailing and not able to correct itself.

So while, yes, that is something to celebrate, we have to ask: Where, then, are the GOP donors going to put their money? The answer is, the Senate. The GOP donors are racing to save the Republican majority in the Senate, in the hopes that they might have a small check on a future President Biden.

So what do we need to do? We’ve got to focus on the Senate.

The most competitive Senate races right now:

Democratic seats to HOLD
Doug Jones (AL)
Gary Peters (MI)

Republican seats in LEANS DEMOCRATIC
Martha McSally (AZ) –> Mark Kelly
Cory Gardner (CO) –> John Hickenlooper

Republican seats in TOSS UP
David Perdue (GA) –> Jon Ossoff
Joni Ernst (IA) –> Theresa Greenfield
Susan Collins (ME) –> Sara Gideon
Steve Daines (MT) –> Steve Bullock
Thom Tillis (NC) –> Cal Cunningham
Lindsey Graham (SC) –> Jaime Harrison *newly in the Toss Up column

Republican seats in LEANS REPUBLICAN
Kelly Loeffler (GA) –> Rafael Warnock
Kansas (open) –> Barbara Bollier

What can you do to help?

You can donate. The Pod Save America guys set up an ActBlue fund that sends money directly to the candidates. They’ve got the 14 most competitive races in the fund and you can either choose to give to one, some, or all the candidates: Get Mitch or Die Trying Fund

With so many people voting, time is running short on sending any kind of postcard or letter, so I encourage you to sign up to text bank voters. Unlike emails that don’t get read, texts get seen even if they don’t get answered! My friend who runs the Postcards For America site pulled together all the text banking links for these Senators, which you can go to by clicking their name in the above list. Most are links that take you to how to sign up to text bank, and some are volunteer sign up pages where you can indicate that you’d like to text bank. Pick one Senate seat you want to support, and sign up to help!

As always, thank you for the actions you are taking to help turn this country around. If you have any questions about helping a campaign, or need some more explanation about volunteering, let me know either in the comments or by sending me an email through the Contact form on my website. I’m happy to help however I can. Let’s do this!

There’s less than a month to go before Election Day! Download my free checklist today: 19 Quick Ways to Turn Out the Vote in 2020. Each action takes 10 minutes or less!

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  1. TokyoSand, quite simply, one side has a presidential candidate saying the mail-in process is fraught with error, without proof and at odds with his own party leadership and 37 states who use the process effectively. Of course, there will be small issues that arise, but people with saner heads will review these issues and take corrective action.

    The other side has a presidential candidate who is running a commercial that says “please vote” only appearing at the end. While the meaning is implicit, he never says vote for me. So, this in direct contrast to the words of the the president of the United States.

    Further, the president of the United States is actively rabblerousing for his base to help police the voting sites. What could possibly go wrong? When something bad happens (sadly, this is a when not an if statement), please remember it is the president of the United States who has fomented these actions. This is not patriotism, it is cult-like behavior. Keith


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