2 Sleeper Senate Races You Should Be Paying Attention To

There’s only so many Senate seats that the grassroots can support, so I’ve been a big proponent of helping and donating to the most competitive 9 races. But, election data experts keep bringing up two races that they are finding more and more interesting: Alaska and Mississippi.


Alaska is considered a red state by most, but the state is just different than the Lower 48, as they call us. They are conservative in many ways, but they are fiercely independent. That said, the Senate seat has been considered to be a shoo-in for the incumbent, Dan Sullivan, until a reputable poll came out earlier this month that showed Dr. Al Gross (the Democratic candidate) in a dead heat with Sullivan.

Sullivan has also been getting more heat in the newspapers for failing to show his independence by speaking out against certain issues, like when it was revealed that Trump has been disparaging of U.S. troops. The newest twist comes with the fight over Justice Ginsburg’s seat. Abortion rights are part of Alaska’s DNA — it was one of only four states that had legalized abortion BEFORE Roe v. Wade was decided — and now with the landmark decision in grave danger, Sullivan looks even more vulnerable than before.

Learn more about Dr. Al Gross HERE.


The 2020 Senate race in Mississippi pits Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith against Mike Espy, the former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, under President Clinton. This was also the same match up in 2018 when Senator Thad Cochran resigned from the Senate, and the state held a special election to see who would serve out the rest of his term. Hyde-Smith won that race handily 53-46.

But, the race looks a little different right now. Because this has not been considered to be a very competitive race, there has only been a little polling in the state. But, the poll that just came out this week only gave Hyde-Smith a 1 point advantage. In fact, the pollster that came out with the 41% – 40% result, ran that same poll back in March and had Hyde-Smith up 54% – 28%!

Another interesting tidbit is that the weekend after Justice Ginsburg died, Espy’s campaign saw a massive influx of donations. In just 4 days, he raised over $1 million. While we don’t know how much Hyde-Smith has raised recently, we do know that she only raised a touch over $200,000 between April and June of this year.

Learn more about Mike Espy HERE.

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  1. Kansas is another potential sleeper for the Dems. With Pat Roberts retiring, there’s an open seat, and a seat that in every poll seems to be showing a close race.

  2. TokyoSand, thanks for sharing these.

    Do you know what I don’t understand is beyond the anonymous sources that said Trump called injured or killed troops “suckers and losers,” it is the rather feeble coverage of the alleged Russian bounty with the Taliban to kill US troops. The story focused more on why Trump did not know – he had briefing materials, but apparently did not read them – but the real story of the veracity of the accusation died. My guess is people are so scared of Trump’s mercurial reaction and his desire not to hear anything bad about Russia, they do not highlight things. This would not be the first time.

    But, you would think a real commander in chief would say things more publicly about the subject than he simply did not know. OK, now you know, what will you do about it? So, stories like this and the one where the military hid all concussive head injuries after Iran bombed an airfield after the US assassinated an Iranian general, makes me believe Trump did call the military losers and suckers. They are words he uses and he is that kind of individual.


    • What we know about Trump is that he will deny anything that he thinks makes him look bad. Also, we know that he has a long history of not respecting military experience and only using soldiers as props to “make him look tough.” As for news stories dying quickly, that seems to be a sign of the times. No story, no matter how vital, gets lost within a day.

      • Your points are valid. People don’t remember even recent history. I have seen footage of both Mitch McConnell and John Boehner saying climate change is real and we need to do something about it – this was around 2009. Newt Gingrich did a TV commercial with Nancy Pelosi and said he had been wrong about climate change. Then he ran for president and said he was wrong to say he was wrong. Go figure. Keith

      • Perhaps we’re used to some hypocrisy from some politicians, but the Republicans have been unbelievable hypocrites across the board on nearly every issue of late.


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