What Are You Doing for Week of Action?

Michelle Obama’s organization, When We All Vote, is in the midst of their Week of Action, anchored around National Voter Registration Day.

When We All Vote is a 50-state effort aimed at getting people registered to vote. They focus on three main activities: training volunteers, improving voter registration processes, and increasing awareness of the voting process.

With only 41 days left before the election, I’m of the mind that these remaining weeks are ALL weeks of action, so I thought I’d collect a few ideas here as to how folks can be engaged and taking action. The goal is overwhelming turnout so we can send a clear message to Trump and the Republicans that we reject them and the authoritarian direction they’re taking our country.

🔹 Since we’re getting closer to the voter registration deadlines for many states, read this if you want to help register voters: 15 Ways You Can Help Get More People Registered to Vote

🔹 When We All Vote has a slate of virtual events you can attend this week to get involved with voter registration and getting out the vote which you can find HERE.

🔹 The incredible volunteers at Americans of Conscience Checklist created two fantastic checklists for Election 2020. The first is a voting plan checklist for yourself, and the second is a checklist of things you can do to encourage others to vote. Check it out here: Encourage Others To Vote Checklist

🔹 The Biden/Harris campaign is training volunteers on how to text bank for them, and they have a ton of dates you can choose from. Consider signing up for a training, to see how to do it! You can find the details of the virtual training and upcoming dates HERE.

🔹 And finally, if you haven’t downloaded it yet, grab my list of 19 quick actions you can take to help get out the vote. Each action takes only a few minutes to complete. One of the actions is to add a link and a reminder to register to vote in the signature for your personal email account.

Thank you for taking action! Let’s go win this election!

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