Help Make National Voter Registration Day A Success Today

Voting is the centerpiece of our American democracy. But before you can vote, you must be registered to vote.

The way we win elections is by helping our candidates get more votes. But one conservative estimate from the Pew Charitable Trusts indicates that just over 1 in 5 eligible Americans are not registered to vote. So, the first place to start is by helping fellow Americans get registered.

And what better day to register voters than on National Voter Registration Day, which is today!! Last year, the NVRD efforts were massively successful. 473,725 citizens registered to vote that day, which was more than THREE TIMES the previous record for a year without a federal election!

So, let’s get folks registered! Here’s a few ways you can do that today:

First, make sure YOU are registered to vote. It is a good thing to check on a regular basis especially with more states regularly purging voters. Go to I Will Vote and check to make sure you have an active registration.

2  Add the I Will Vote link in the address book of your phone. Then share that contact whenever the opportunity strikes.

3  See if there’s an official National Voter Registration Day event in your community. Type in your zip code into their Events page. If there is one, tell your friends and go yourself!

4  Check out the National Voter Registration Day’s website — they’ve got a great toolkit for individuals full of social media resources and other things you can share broadly with your community!

5  If any of your friends/family live overseas or are serving in the military overseas, tell them that the U.S. Vote Foundation can help them get registered to vote, and can give them the information they need to vote.

6  You may talk to people who haven’t registered to vote because they don’t have the right ID. Here’s how to help them.

7  Post on social media. Write a message to encourage people to register to vote. Reference National Voter Registration Day to get your post seen by more people. Be sure to give them a helpful resource like the I Will Vote website, and use a photo or gif to get extra attention.

In conclusion, every vote for our desired candidate matters. When you vote, that’s one more vote for the candidate. If you register others to vote, you are multiplying your effectiveness and helping to create the coalition of voters we need to send powerful messages to our government.

Thank you for taking action today!


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