Get Out the Vote for Biden/Harris From Home

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If we can turn out a wave of Democratic voters in every state, every county, and every district, we can change the direction of our country.

Today’s action: Sign up to get trained by the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris campaign to text bank!

I recognize that not all of you are comfortable with phone banking. But, text banking is a great way to do voter outreach without leaving your home. I’m a big fan.

This is literally the PERFECT TIME to reach out to voters. More and more states have started or are about to start early voting, states with all mail-in ballots are starting to mail them out, and the remaining states are sending voting notices to their voters.

At this point in the campaign cycle, all you’ll be doing is reminding voters to vote. The campaign has, through their previous efforts, identified exactly which voters are supportive of their candidate and will only give you a list of those supporters. It’s important to get them to commit to voting and to walk them through making a plan to vote.

The Biden/Harris campaign has set up a number of dates when you can get trained on their text banking platform. You’ll learn how to use the platform, send and respond to return texts, and more. The campaign requires that you attend one of these trainings before giving you access to their platform. Look HERE for all the upcoming training dates and pick one!

One note: The platforms that these campaigns use don’t use your phone number — you’ll never have to worry about the person you are texting getting access to your phone.

You can make a difference without leaving the comfort of your home. Every text or call that connects with a voter inches us closer to an Election Night that we can all be proud of!

Let’s win the 2020 Election! Download my ***NEW*** free guide today: 19 Quick Ways to Turn Out the Vote in 2020. Each action takes 10 minutes or less!

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