50 Days To Go: The Election is Heating Up

The election is upon us.

In the last week, both North Carolina and Alabama opened up voting for the general election. North Carolina sent out its first batch of ballots, and Alabama started in-person absentee voting.

I’m delighted these stories are coming out because it’s really, really important to vote early this year. For anyone who is concerned about voting in person during a pandemic, or waiting in excessively long lines, or making sure their ballot arrives in time to be counted — figuring out how to vote as early as possible is the name of the game.

In the vast majority of states, voters can request their absentee/mail-in ballot already. FiveThirtyEight has a great interactive post where you click on your state, and all of the info you need to vote in a variety of ways is listed. They also include links to things like requesting your ballot, etc. Check your state today by clicking HERE.

If you’ve requested your ballot already, be sure to tell everyone that you have! As we know from this post, when people see friends they know voting (or in this case getting ready to vote), it increases the societal pressure they feel to do the same thing.

We’ve got 50 days — let’s all be talking about voting nonstop!

A special note to my fellow Oregonians and neighboring California residents: If you have been displaced from your home due to the fires, or are planning to be living somewhere other than the residence at which you are currently registered to vote, be sure to update your registration. In Oregon, you can do that HERE, and in California, you can do that HERE.

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  1. Love the Five Thirty-Eight resource on how to vote in various states this year. Thank you.


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