So, Why Are You Voting in the 2020 Election?

Earlier this summer, I asked you all if you had any suggestions for posts I could write to help you tackle this election. One of those ideas was a list of how to convince someone to vote. I’ll be publishing that post this week, so do keep a look out for it.

But as I put the finishing touches on that post, I thought it was important to take a moment to think about why you, yes you personally, want to vote in this election. After all, as you are trying to convince someone else why THEY should vote, they may very well ask you why YOU are planning to vote.

As for me, I’ve voted ever since I turned 18. I vote because I’m a voter. But this election feels really different. Until these last four years, my primary issues when I went to the polls were gun reform and reproductive rights. But this year, I feel as though what’s on the ballot is a choice between democracy and fascism. I know that sounds dramatic, but those of you who have been reading Political Charge for a while know I’m no drama queen. For the past four years, this quote by David Frum has been a warning for me:

“If conservatives become convinced that they can not win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. The will reject democracy.”

We’ve seen this rejection of democracy all over the country. Between the never-ending avalanche of voter suppression tactics, to never making themselves available to their voters, to middle-of-the-night tactics in state legislatures to curtail the Democrat’s ability to govern, the Republicans have repeatedly demonstrated they have no interest in anything other than having power and using it to enrich themselves and their donors.

There are a lot of problems in this country I want to solve. My young daughters have a long list of things they want to see solved as well. But none of this will be possible if we’re governed by a party that flat-out rejects their citizens. So for me, I am voting in 2020 to make sure America rejects authoritarian rule.

As you think about what your central reason for voting is, I’ll leave you with a few quotes from prominent women about why they’re voting this year that I’ve been posting on my Instagram account. (Source for quotes.)

So tell me, why are you voting in the 2020 election?

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  1. I’m voting for women, reproductive rights and to hopefully change our President to someone who is a Statesman, who believes in the country and ALL of us.

  2. Good post, TS! I am voting because not to do so would be to literally throw away our most important right, one that many have died for! I am especially determined to vote in this election because I have seen the path this nation is headed down under a cruel and evil despot, and I want to be a part of making a change in that path. I learned the lessons of history and do not wish to see the 1930s played out on this side of the Atlantic.

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  4. I’m voting for women’s rights and to elect a president who isn’t racist, etc and actually cares about the people and country he serves. Also, someone who I can trust to be responsible about the pandemic.

  5. I am voting because it is a duty of citizenship. The person in the WH is exactly what my grandfather raised me not to be. Grandpa would have strung trump up by his heels from the nearest hay hook and thrown rotten eggs at him.

  6. I’m voting because I want to live in a country where elected officials tell the truth. I want to live in a country where those leaders will work hard to keep my family safe and healthy.

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