60 Days To Go: What Kind of Time Do You Have?

The days are ticking by, and now we find ourselves only 2 months out from the most important election in my lifetime.

I don’t say that to parrot others. Really, in my lifetime, I can’t remember an election that felt like the choice was between democracy and fascism. And here we are, nearly 4 years later and we’ve just got 2 months left to go.

There’s no time to waste.

Now is the time to help make sure we get as many voters as possible to vote to elect Joe Biden, and enough Democrats to flip the Senate as well as a bunch of state legislatures. So, how much time can you spare to help turn out voters?

Do you have 10 minutes?

If you have 10 minutes, download my guide of 19 things you can do in 10 minutes or less to turn out the vote. Pick one of them.

Do you have 30 minutes?

Sign up with Vote Forward and write 10 letters (they estimate that each letter takes about 3 minutes to complete.) You can pick which swing state you want to focus on, and claim as few as 10 letters at a time.

Do you have an hour?

With a little more time, you can sign up to do a text banking or phone banking shift. To text bank (and to get trained if you’ve never done it before), check out Open Progress or When We All Vote. Every campaign offers phone banking shifts — you can learn more about it HERE and HERE, and find campaigns to support by browsing Mobilize Us.

What matters is reaching out to other voters and getting them ready to vote. Thanks to the pandemic and the Trump-induced issues with the post office, it’s more crucial than ever to make sure voters know how to make sure their votes will get counted.

Thank you for taking action. It’ll take all of us!

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