Who Could Use a Shot in the Arm?

Now that we’re in the home stretch, keeping up our energy to activate as many voters as we can is going to be key. And who is better equipped to do that Michelle Obama?

Tomorrow, (Thursday, September 3), our former First Lady is holding a virtual rally with When We All Vote, an organization whose mission is nothing short of changing our culture around voting. They provide trainings and actions to keep their volunteers focused on strengthening our democracy, through the power of voters. You can read all about what they do HERE.

The focus of Obama’s message will be the importance of registering voters and making a plan to vote this fall. The rally intends to be a major call for action for eligible voters like you and me, and will arm us with information as well as collective energy to make a real difference in the election.

I have attended a couple of When We All Vote virtual events in the past and can attest that they are fun and informative. I encourage you all to consider participating.

The rally takes place on Thursday, September 3 at 2:30 PST/5:30 EST. You can register for the rally HERE.

See you there!

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