Election 2020: Tweets Don’t Vote

The Democratic and Republican nominating conventions are over, which means that the nominees are now official. The general election begins today, and I want to win.

So when I saw that headline in my inbox, it got my attention. I’m on Twitter and other platforms every day, and talk with a lot of hard-working citizens doing everything they can to make sure the Democrats win a lot of elections up and down the ballot this November.

But, it can be easy to get sucked into Twitter, or Instagram, or whatever form of social media you like best. Since you’re talking about politics all day, it feels like everyone is.

But they aren’t.

I talked with several friends recently about how their phone banking has been going. Generally speaking, they were having lots of good interactions with voters. But, there were voters who weren’t entirely sure when the election was (!!!), or who the candidates were! This was especially true the more local the race was.

We’re now just weeks shy of the November election and our focus must be on getting out the vote. There are lots of effective ways we all can help: win the White House by writing letters to voter in swing states; help flip a Senate race to save the Supreme Court; work on a governor’s race; learn how to text bank or phone bank voters; and so much more.

If you tend to do everything on social media, consider doing something to connect more directly with actual voters. Writing a social media post is a lot like putting up a billboard in town: only a fraction of the people in town will drive by and see it, and it is soon forgotten once they drive past it. On the other hand, making a personal connection makes a HUGE, statistically relevant difference to voter turnout.

Again, there is a lot of great organizing happening on social media but be careful not to let posting about politics online take the place of doing more impactful work in the real world. Here at Political Charge, I’m here to help you connect with impactful actions.

Now let’s go win this thing.

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4 replies

  1. TokyoSand, thanks for all you do. People should read Michael Moore’s caution about Trump still being able to win.

    He can win, even though he should not, given what he has done to divide our country and diminish our reputation, statements supported by data. Democrats must get out and vote. Trump is counting on the same complacency to keep people home and my guess is there are a non-inconsequential number of trolls working liberal websites to do this very thing.

    Joe Biden is not perfect. Kamala Harris is not perfect, either. No one is. But, they are a far cry from the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime, who General James Mattis said makes no effort to unite us. Biden and Harris will endeavor to do that.


    • Thank you for your kind comment, Keith. As you know, I believe in the power of activism to improve our government and society. And right now, we need more activism. The size of the action does not matter to me — only that people take action. It is the antidote to all that ails us.

      • TokyoSand, I just don’t want people protesting his reelection because they did not vote. It happened in 2016 and also with Brexit. Vote. Trump is doing his best to folks who don’t love Biden not to. His and Russia’s minion of trolls are quite active in social media and have been for years. Keith

      • Yes. To rework a phrase, an ounce of action now is better than a pound of regret tomorrow.

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