Checking in on the 2020 Governor’s Races

How many governor’s seats are up for grabs in 2020?

It’s been a while since we last checked in on the governor’s races for this fall, so let’s take a quick peek.

There are a total of 11 governor’s races and at this point, we know who all of the candidates are and a general sense of how competitive each race is. The bottom line is, there appear to only be two highly competitive races.

Considered safe for Democrats: Delaware & Washington

Considered safe for Republicans: Indiana, North Dakota, Utah & West Virginia

Considered to be Likely Republican (so less safe, but not terribly competitive): Missouri, New Hampshire & Vermont

Which leaves us with our two competitive races:


The Montana race is Open (i.e. there are no incumbents) and is considered to be a Toss-Up. The current governor, Steve Bullock, is a Democrat and termed-out, so is running for the Senate.

The Republican in the race is Greg Gianforte, who you no doubt remember for body-slamming a reporter on the eve of his election for Congress back in 2017. The Democrat running for governor is Mike Cooney, who is currently the Lt. Governor of Montana.

The polls have been very close in this race, although Gianforte has been up by a smidge. That said, Gianforte’s unfavorables are higher than his favorables.

In 2020, Montana is a swing state. The governor’s race is very close, the Senate race is very close, and the House race is very close. Montana is a great state to invest some time and money to this year. You can support Mike Cooney’s candidacy by visiting his website and donating.

North Carolina

The North Carolina governor’s race is in the Lean Democrat column, which means that the Democrats have a slight advantage in the race.

The current governor, Roy Cooper (D), is running for re-election. He faces Dan Forest (R), who is currently Lt. Governor.

Forest appears to be banking on the idea that North Carolina voters will be tired of the pandemic and the inconveniences they are dealing with, and will take it out on the governor. However, polls keep indicating that Cooper is favored.

North Carolina is also a swing state, and there is a lot at stake here besides the governorship. That said, getting voters turned out to vote for governor can affect a lot of other races down ballot. You can support Governor Cooper by visiting his website and donating.

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  1. Ah, interesting. Being that we’re both in bright blue Oregon, I’ve been very interested in looking at swing states and swing district races that could actually make a difference. Thanks for bringing these to my attention.

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