The Democratic Convention’s Central Message: Make a Plan to Vote

After a long primary season, we now have officially nominated our Democratic ticket: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. But even though the Democratic Convention is done, our work is far from over.

If you watched any part of the convention, you heard their central message loud and clear: Make a plan to vote.

That message was sprinkled throughout the four evenings, and multiple speakers and segments talked not just about voting, but about the concerted effort by the GOP to make voting as hard as possible this year. They made the case that having a plan to vote is crucial.

Their ask: Text VOTE to 30330. You’ll be taken through several prompts to get you ready to vote.

If you don’t want to text, you can do it yourself. Start by answering these two questions:

How will you vote this year?

When will you vote this year?

I implore you to do this today. Are you going to vote with a mail-in ballot or in person? If you’re voting in person, are you going to vote early at your county election office (most states allow this!) or are you going to vote on Election Day? If you’re voting on Election Day, have they changed your polling location? Good chance that they have.

There are lots of good sources to find out what the most recent changes are to voting in your state, but here’s one I like: How to Vote in the 2020 Election When you click on the interactive map, you’ll learn:

⚬ the deadline to vote (plus a link)
⚬ what your early voting options are
⚬ what your in-person voting options are
⚬ how to request an absentee ballot
⚬ how to turn in an absentee ballot

Screenshot from FiveThirtyEight

Whatever you do, take a few minutes today to write down your plan to vote. Research shows that making the plan can turn into actual votes. In fact, I can highly recommend this read: From voting to writing a will: The simple power of making a plan

So after you make a plan, ask everyone you know if they have a plan. Point them to this post or another resource to help them make that plan if they need it. Let’s make sure we all follow through on our intention to vote!

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