How Biden’s Pick of VP Exposed How Useless the Republican Party Is

If last week made one thing clear, it’s just how lazy and pointless the Republican party is.

As we all waited for Joe Biden to announce who he was choosing to run with on the ticket as Vice President, I got increasingly nervous. Not that he wasn’t making the announcement, but thinking about the horrible attacks Trump and the Republicans were about to unleash on whichever woman Joe Biden picked.

With every article that was written about each of the potential picks, I would run through what the specific attacks might be for that woman. Yes, I’ll admit to worry about it, but I was also trying to anticipate what they might be so I could think about how I might try to counteract them. I knew the Trump campaign and RNC officials had been preparing for this moment for months, and would be ready to unleash boatloads of specific, damaging attacks.

But you know what happened after Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris?

Not one Republican–not Trump, not any Congressional politicians, not even any of the Fox News anchors–came up with one single attack that they didn’t unpack out of their generic “How to Attack Democrats” bag of tricks. All they’ve got are their old, tired, and let’s face it, racist tropes.

Radical leftist? Nasty woman? A birther conspiracy? Cue my eyeroll.

Which is when it occurred to me that this Republican party really has no gas in its tank. Kamala Harris was a perceived frontrunner for the VP slot for MONTHS but they had nothing more than their basic, “red meat” attacks.

Furthermore, you know how the Republican nominating convention is in a week? Well, just like our convention, the event is supposed to achieve two primary goals: nominate their candidates for president and vice president, and adopt a comprehensive party platform. Every four years, parties work to develop their chief goals around a variety of issues, which serve to appeal to their voters and the general public. For some context as to how detailed these things are, know that the GOP’s 2016 platform ran 58 pages. Want to know how the GOP is doing with the development of their goals and plans to guide them for the next four years?

Well, back in May news came out that Kushner was leading the charge on overhauling the GOP party platform, and wanted to shrink it down into 10 or so principles, so it could fit on a postcard. (What is it with Republicans and postcards?) And then in June, news broke that instead of doing all the hard work to overhaul the platform, Republicans decided just to re-adopt the 2016 platform, without changing a word of it.

So there you have it. The Republicans have no plan, no vision for the future of America, other than wanting to be in control. They have no guiding principles nor do they have an answer to any of the questions plaguing our country right now. And because they have no solutions or vision of their own, they can’t do anything but attack Democrats for being … well … not Republicans.

I know the Democrats are a big tent coalition, and we don’t always agree on how to solve certain problems, but at least we acknowledge that there are issues that need to be solved and take action towards them. We are engaged in bettering our country, while the Republicans … just want to put down liberals?

As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing worth saving in the current Republican party and they all need to be voted out. They provide nothing of value to voters in terms of governing.

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2 replies

  1. How do you confuse a republican? Ask them to name three things the Republican party has done to improve American life.

  2. Next it will be some kind of nefarious affair Harris had, before she was married. Isn’t that always next, the sex scandal? And then someone on a previous staff of 20+ years ago will jump in with a mistreatment charge.
    It’s ALWAYS the same. You’d think the American public would wake up to this, along with the fact that Trump always twists any charge against him and his administration into a charge against the Democrats. Deflect and Deny. Boy am I bored, and tired, and ready for a change.

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