Do You Know How EARLY You Can Vote in Your State?

Tell me the truth: Since the day Trump became president, you’ve said, “I can’t WAIT to vote that guy out of office!” at least once, right?

When it comes to voting, we’re always hearing about the deadlines. The deadlines to register to vote, the deadline to turn in a ballot, etc. But the name of the game in 2020 is this:

How early can you vote?

Now that we’re only 90 days out from the election, it’s as good as a time as any to figure out what your voting plan will be. Can you vote by mail? If so, how EARLY can you request the ballot? How EARLY can you turn it in?

Perhaps your state is still unclear about the voting by mail options, or you might be concerned about the slowdown in the post office. In that case, now is a good time to figure out when early voting STARTS in your state. Most of the states offer it. Did you know that some states allow their voters to vote up to 45 days in advance? It’s true!

So, here’s your super quick, mini-task of the day:

Find out how soon you can vote early in your state with this handy chart from Vote America: Early Voting Calendar Make a note in your calendar and set a reminder.

Once you do that, share this post on your social media channels to encourage others to do this, too!

If you need to know the details about HOW to vote early, head over to your state’s election website (find the link HERE) and click on Early Voting.

Thank you for taking action today!

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