Get Ready: It’s National Vote By Mail Day!

I have a mission for you today, should you choose to accept it. (Please accept it!)

Two dozen organizations have banded together and declared today National Vote By Mail Day. Their goal? To reach out to thousands of voters and educate them on how to vote by mail.

Voting my mail, or absentee ballot, is one of the safest ways to vote in the middle of a pandemic. But, a majority of voters don’t vote this way, and so we need to get the word out.

These organizations will be doing text and phone banking campaigns (more on that later), but here’s what I want you to do today. It’s an easy task: Get ready to vote by mail.

Find out the answers to these 3 questions:

  • Are you eligible to vote by mail in your state? (The Washington Post recently reviewed all of the current regulations and estimate that 76% of voters can vote by mail this fall.) Check HERE or HERE for your state’s rules.
  • What is the earliest date you can request your ballot? Note that I said the earliest date, not the deadline. With post office slowdowns, you’ll want to take advantage of every moment you can!
  • When do you need to return your ballot? Some states allow you to postmark your ballot by Election Day, others require that your ballot be received by Election Day. Make sure you know. (Although, again, I hope you will return your ballot as early as possible.)

If you’re ready to level up after that mission, I have a bonus mission: Join a texting campaign today!

You can find the texting campaigns at Mobilize Us. Click HERE to see a list. These are the organizations who are offering the virtual texting parties today:

Thank you for taking action today!

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  1. I moved a year ago to my small town in Western MA. Our Select Board voted to allow vote by mail, and the Town Clerk emailed all the registered voters how to vote by mail. They are making it so easy for us all! I emailed asking if I need to register for the Nov election after our Primaries. I got a reply email that I’m all set to vote by mail in our Sept primary and in the Nov election. Plus, we can either mail the ballot back, or drop it off in a box at Town Hall, very close to where I live. It couldn’t be easier and I’m super happy with my choice to live here.

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