100 Days To Go: The Light at the End of a Very Dark Tunnel

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What are you feeling these days?

I’ve been hearing from a number of you, in my comments or on my social media channels, and there seem to be a lot of different emotions as we hit the 100 day mark.

Certainly, the situation in Portland is on everyone’s mind. The Black Lives Matters protests have been going strong there now for well over 50 days, and Trump’s escalation by bringing in federal officers with a murky justification for being there is alarming, to say the least.

But I am hard-wired to find the silver lining. I’m also here in Oregon, and while I’m quite a ways away from Portland, I’m connected to a lot of political active people and am getting good info from the folks who are there. This is what I’m seeing.

I see the number of people at these protests growing. I see more people getting involved and bringing water, food, and other essentials for protesting. I’m seeing friends getting involved with the Wall of Moms, and while many have been to daytime rallies, they haven’t been involved in protests like this one before. I see a Wall of Vets who decided to come out and join forces, as did a Wall of Dads with Leaf Blowers and a Wall of Docs. I’m also seeing people marching in other cities in solidarity with Portland.

People aren’t shirking away from the strong arm tactics of Trump and his administration. No, they’re getting MORE involved. This situation is inspiring action, and yes anger, at how the administration is treating its own citizens. Because they see it for what it is. A re-election strategy.

By Mike Luckovich

On top of all this, on Sunday, we hit the 100 day mark. There are 100 days until November 3rd, Election Day. There were so many organizations, and celebrities, and regular folks all over the news and social media marking the milestone and calling on the citizenry to check their voter registration.

What I feel is a swelling of energy, of excitement, that we are on the final section of the path that will lead us to the one action that will help us get rid of Trump and his sycophantic Republican co-conspirators — voting. We had hoped that other institutions would help curtail the worst offenses of this morally bankrupt man and the thoroughly corrupted Republican party, (and perhaps some can argue convincingly that they have to some extent), but so much damage has been done. And in the end, there was no hero who rode in to save the day. No, the ones that will save this country from further ruin is you and me.

I am incredibly heartened by the number of people, who suddenly, just this past weekend, reached out to me and asked me for some help. Some were looking for advice on where to give donations, others asked me about certain Senate seats, still others sent me direct messages to let me know the names of organizations they’re involved in and hope I might amplify. I LOVE THESE TYPES OF MESSAGES. I really do. I love to help people and connect them to good info. And I love hearing from people who are already involved and eager to inspire others to join their cause.

And so, my friends, I leave you with this. I know that it is really hard to look back on all that we’ve lost over the past 4 years. It can be painful to be reminded of the incredible heartache and suffering that has happened, and is still happening. But know this: There are people working hard, all over the country, to energize voters and get them ready to vote later this fall. And they would love to have more help.

If you are already involved with some type of voter outreach, fantastic! I encourage you to tell other folks that you are doing so. You might quietly inspire someone to do the same. And if you’re not yet involved but want to be, I’ve got a lot of ideas. I hope you’ll peruse my blog (click on the Take Action from the main page) or reach out to me with a comment or an email. I’d love to help get you connected.

Have hope, folks. There is light at the end of this tunnel!

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