Here’s a Simple Way to Reach Swing State Voters, From Home

The gold standard of voter outreach that converts to actual votes–canvassing–has been sidelined during the pandemic. So what can we do to reach voters in the lead up to the November elections?

There are still many ways to do voter outreach from the safety of your home, and today, I want to make you aware of Postcards to Swing States.

This organization started as Postcards to Wisconsin, when they were focused on reaching voters prior to that state’s spring election, which serves both as a primary but also features important general election races, such as those for the state Supreme Court. Hundreds of voters (including me) signed up to write postcards to remind Democratic voters to go vote.

Among other things, Wisconsin voters flipped a crucial state Supreme Court seat! Even though I was sitting in a different state, that win felt personal, and it felt great.

Now, the organization is expanding to 10 crucial swing states for the 2020 election:


North Carolina

The way it works is that you sign up for a certain number of postcards — however many you think you can write. Then they’ll send you the appropriate postcards, instructions that include the very specific (and tested!) message to write, and the addresses. Your job is to handwrite the message and add a stamp. Then on the specified day (roughly 10 days before the election), we all send our postcards at once, flooding the mailboxes of voters in those crucial states.

Getting signed up takes just a minute or two, and each postcard takes 3-5 minutes, depending on how much you like to get creative with colors and markers. I keep mine pretty simple. If you did a stack every week, between now and the election, how many could you write?

Sign up today by visiting here: Postcards to Swing States

Thanks for taking action!

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