How To Use Your Creativity to Protect Our Elections

Do you want to help bring attention to the need to protect our elections this fall?

Well then, I have a fun way for you to do so! A friend on Twitter made me aware of a social media campaign that’s happening all month to bring attention to the need for Congress to pass the HEROES Act. The bill, which has been passed by the House but not yet the Senate, would provide more stimulus funds as we whether the pandemic, and specifically allocates $3.6 billion for elections.

Here’s how Vox explained this part of the Heroes Act:

Money for elections and vote-by-mail: With a major presidential election just six months away, many states are trying to figure out how to safely hold elections without exposing voters to coronavirus. Democrats in Congress want to put money toward expanding vote-by-mail access and extending the period for early voting, and the bill allocates $3.6 billion towards those efforts. Rather than mandatory vote-by-mail, this money would help states with the costs of expanding vote-by-mail or no-excuse absentee voting, or increase funding for personal protective equipment for poll workers in states that keep in-person voting.

Declaration for American Democracy, or DFAD, is a coalition of over 150 organizations like the NAACP, VoteVets, and the Brennan Center that are coming together to raise their collective voices to ensure that every American has the ability to vote this fall without concern for their health. (You can see the full list of participating organizations HERE. Your favorite is very likely on this list.) This means making sure every state expands vote by mail, clean and safe polling locations, accessibility options for voters, and more.

So how can we use our creativity to help?

DFAD wants to flood the zone with citizens like you and me expressing why we personally feel so strongly about protecting our elections. You could:

  • record a video
  • take a selfie with a sign
  • perform a song
  • draw a picture
  • write a blog post (I’m already thinking about this!)
  • compose a poem
  • design a graphic
  • write a letter to the editor
  • do a Tik Tok dance
  • knit something
  • or more

For each of the above options, DFAD tells you how you to post it online at THIS LINK. (One example is below.) Furthermore, they are going to feature their favorite submissions that are posted before August 1 in a special Protect Our Vote video! So, start thinking about what you’re going to do. A perfect project for the long holiday weekend!

Thank you for caring about protecting our elections. Have fun!

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