What You Need to Know About the Newest Organization Tackling Voter Suppression

More help for the 2020 election just arrived.

Whether or not you follow professional basketball, you’ve likely heard of LeBron James. He’s easily the best player right now (he’s been the league MVP four times), and he’s always in contention when sports fans argue about who is the best of all time. To say he has a massive presence would be putting it mildly. Well, James just started a new organization to tackle voter suppression!

More Than a Vote was founded by James and other Black athletes and entertainers to focus on helping the Black community turn out the vote. In order to do that, they’ll be rolling out campaigns to educate people on the myriad ways that voter suppression robs them of their vote, what they can do about that, as well as doing getting out the vote activities as the election nears.

Here’s their first video to explain:

Between his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, James has 136 million followers. In 2016, a total of 137 million people voted. So, when James talks about voting, a LOT of people are going to see that message. And it won’t just be James that is pushing out these messages.

The tragic death of George Floyd has lit a fire across the nation, and people from various backgrounds are getting more involved, and figuring out ways to help. Activism is on the rise. It wasn’t that long ago when Colin Kaepernick was all alone, kneeling on the football field. Athletes that spoke out about politics and injustices were told to “stay in their lane.” Well, no more.

As you’ll see in the video above, their ad ends with the following:

Because it’s more than checking a box
It’s keeping our people out of one


I am thrilled whenever anyone gets more involved with taking action and shaping the national discourse. I, for one, am delighted to see James and his partners be so vocal about the issue of voter suppression and their eagerness to help more Black people vote.

You can follow the organization on Twitter at @morethanavote and amplify their messages through your own channels!

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