None of the GOP Senators Deserve Their Jobs

Detail of “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” (1989) by Keith Haring

We keep waiting to see when the Republican Senators might stand up for something. Some value they have that they won’t let Trump cross.

And after the horrifying news of this weekend, we find that we’re still waiting.

On Friday, news broke that Russian Intelligence was secretly offering bounties to militants who killed American and allied forces in Afghanistan. Quickly, other media outlets confirmed the story, including Fox News. Then, we learned that American intelligence had known about this for months, and anger spilled over at Trump as he had very clearly not done anything about it.

Of course, Trump claimed he, nor VP Pence, nor his Chief of Staff, had been briefed about it. Which former national security officials said strained credulity. Furthermore, even if they had not been told (which would be another huge scandal), the question remains — What is being done NOW to protect our troops and hold Russia accountable?

This story was all over the news and the internet since the story came out. And yet, the majority of Republicans in Congress hadn’t said a word. Finally on Sunday, Rep. Liz Cheney came out forcefully, condemning the details coming out of the White House and demanding accountability, both for our officials and also Russia. But she is nearly alone.

I’ve read multiple news stories, and checked for tweets from both the House and Senate Republicans. I have not seen ANY Senators speak out about this story, and I only found 4 other Representatives that said that if the story was true, then Russia needed to be held accountable. Which if you ask me, is really weak.

They haven’t found the time (or, let’s be honest, the courage) to comment on this story, but several political groups have already made ads. Here are two powerful ones that are circulating.

From VoteVets:

From Lincoln Project:

The writers of our Constitution foresaw that a future president would not live up to the awesome responsibilities of the office. But they did not predict that Congress, which they set up as a balance to that power, would fail to live up to their responsibilities at the very same time. In this instance, we have a Senate with a Republican majority that looks the other way — even when our soldiers are being targeted!

As if we didn’t have enough reasons to get rid of Republicans in the Senate, we now have this horrifying example to add to the list.

I hope you have adopted a Senate seat that you want to flip in November, but if not, there’s still time. Pick one from this list (which also has a list of actions you can start taking right away to flip it): How to Break the GOP Stranglehold on the Senate

These Senators have betrayed us. They need to lose their jobs.

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14 replies

  1. Excellent post, TS! You are so right … this must be the final straw. I shall re-blog this later this afternoon, for we need to spread the words to as many people as possible. Thank you!

    • Thanks, Jill. There is a part of me, of course, that is not shocked by the lack of action by Republican senators. On the other hand, the fact that they wouldn’t speak out about a threat to our military does continue to astound me.

      • I know just what you mean. I think nothing can surprise me anymore, but then something like this happens and I am once again picking my jaw up off the floor.

  2. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    He knew, yet he said nothing, did nothing. He claims to ‘love’ veterans, yet he knew that his buddy Putin was paying to have U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan murdered. He knew … and he didn’t care. And now, the republicans in Congress don’t care, either. Our friend TokyoSand has written a fine piece about this and included two hard-hitting ads. Please take a few moments to read … this should be the final straw for the likes of Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and the other 51 republicans in the Senate, but they have largely only shrugged their shoulders. Thank you, TS, for an excellent post.

  3. Excellent take down TS. Very well written

  4. Excellent post and very powerful videos!

  5. TokyoSand, great post, says this independent voter. Let me brutally frank. If I was president and my intelligence people did not brief me on this issue, regardless of whether they were 100% certain, I would be ticked off. This is one of those issues that must require a briefing of the president. So, I would believe those who said they did brief the president.

    Now, the president is notorious for not listening, with the smallest of attention spans. So, it could be he does not remember being briefed. But, this is one of those “blow-up in your face” issues, not to mentioning American soldiers being killed, which should be the principal concern.

    As for Pence and Meadows, two comments. Pence has long ago sold his reputation to the devil. He made that bargain when he decided against leaving the campaign when the Trump tapes on bragging on sexual assault of females came out. He would have done the country a great service if he did. So, his agreeing with Trump has little credence.

    Meadows claims he was not briefed, but here is the juice. He was not Chief of Staff when the briefings occurred. Of course, he was not briefed.

    As a former Republican and Democrat, I do not care who is in the White House. But, Senators must do their jobs of governance. If they choose not to follow normal process, take it to the bank, it is political. A prime example is Congressman Devin Nunes, who had to step down as Chair of the House Intelligence Committee as he was briefing the president on what they were looking at. But, just before then, he told the Intelligence leaders the House Committee did not need the annual briefing the agency leaders give to the House. Re-read that last sentence as Nunes said they committee that oversees the intelligence efforts did not want a briefing.

    Sadly, as you point, there are GOP Senators (Johnson, Graham, McConnell, etc.) who are more inclined to do the president’s bidding. That is not governance, that is acquiescence. Keith

  6. Excellent post.

    But what else would anyone expect from this president? He will NEVER own up to his mistakes. It’s always the fault of someone else … or as in this case, it never happened.

    Of course the most sickening and disgusting part of all this is the fact that the Repukes won’t call their “divine leader” on it and instead lower their heads and skulk around in the White House corridors like rats in a cellar.

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