Battleground Arizona: Time to Flip the State Legislature

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Do you want Republicans running your state government?

As we see more evidence that Trumpism is showing its face in state legislatures, it becomes even more important that we gain control over the power to write and pass legislation. We want science to be believed when dealing with health issues, and regular families to be taken care of when dealing with an economic crisis, for starters.

I’ve covered the fight for the White House and the Senate, (and holding the House, of course), and will continue to write about those races. But it’s also important we look into some of the key battleground states as well.

One of those states in Arizona.

What’s at stake in Arizona

Turnout in Arizona skyrocketed in 2018. The previous midterm election in 2014 saw 47% turnout, while in 2018 over 64% turned out to cast a vote. Enough voters cast their ballot that a Democrat won a Senate seat — for the first time in over 20 years.

In the state legislature, we are 3 flips from gaining the majority in the state Senate, and 2 flips away in the state House. This is so doable!! Flipping these seats would end the total control Republicans have over state government, as the governor is a Republican and won’t be up for re-election until 2022.

Furthermore, by boosting turnout among Democratic voters this fall, that could also have a spillover effect and help win us another Senate seat (by kicking out Martha McSally) and turning the state blue in the Electoral College (totaling 11 electoral votes.)

Organizations Working to Flip Arizona

Whether you live in Arizona or not, if you want to help make sure the Democrats turn out in droves this November, pick one of these organizations and get involved. Look through their website, share it with others on your social media channels, sign up for their email updates, donate to them, and learn how you can help them virtually!

Find your local Democratic party organization: Arizona Democratic Party

Swing Left has targeted AZ as one of their Super States in 2020

Find voter registration events: League of Women Voters Arizona

Find progressive events in Arizona: Mobilize America

Sign up with One Arizona whose mission is “to improve the lives of Arizonans, especially people of color and young people, by building a culture of civic participation.”

–> Check out the impressive list of civic-minded organizations that are part of the One Arizona coalition HERE

Join up with AZ Blue 2020an action-oriented group dedicated to voting for Democrats

Know anyone at Arizona State University? Get them hooked up with ASU Young Democrats

Get involved with your county legislative groups: AZ Legislative District 20 Democrats, AZ Legislative District 28 Democrats, Coconino County Democrats & Maricopa County Democrats

Get involved with voter registration events focused on turning out the youth vote with March for our Lives Arizona

Sign up with Progress Now Arizona

Join Arizona Indivisible groups: Indivisible Arizona, Indivisible Phoenix, Stand Indivisible (Maricopa County), Indivisible of AZ (Twitter)

Take action with: Next Gen America Arizona

Voter Registration Info: AZ Secretary of State — Elections Website

Volunteer for a candidate: 15 Ways to Help a Campaign Win Their Election

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