How To Combat Trump’s Latest Lie About Mail-In Ballots

Do you ever get confronted with a lie about voter fraud, but aren’t exactly sure how to combat the falsehood?

Well, here’s the perfect comeback for the next time someone tries to argue the president’s recent prognostication that foreign countries will flood the U.S. with fake mail-in ballots. (Let’s be clear — what the president is doing is laying the groundwork to claim that there was massive fraud in the election, in case he loses the election. However, research and decades of data prove just how rare it is.)

I was going to explain in my post today just how absurd the president’s lie is, but I found this thread that did it so perfectly, I’m just going to print what he said:

So thank you, Ryan Beckwith, for writing that beautiful thread. (Beckwith is a Bloomberg reporter and part-time journalism professor. You can follow him on Twitter at @ryanbeckwith.)

Now that we have this great explanation, let’s get back to dealing with the actual challenges facing the November election: making sure Democratic turnout is HUGE and preventing as much voter suppression as we can.

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