We Win Only If You Take Action — Give Me Your Input

You know what they say about “a journey of a thousand miles.”*

Starting something big can be so daunting, but the key is to focus on that first, small step.

Here at Political Charge, I know I am speaking to voters, and what I hope to inspire is the interest and will to take further action. Even if they are small actions; micro-actions as I’ve started to call them. No matter the size of the action, they add up.

Whether it’s flipping the White House or the Senate, or expanding voting rights by tamping down voter suppression and gerrymandering, I recognize that these are big lifts. But I truly believe that if everyone reading these posts take some kind of action every week, we will be able to overcome these huge challenges.

One of my favorite quotes about activism is, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

I’m grateful to the readers who have let me know what actions they are taking, and I delight when I see that people have clicked on a candidate’s campaign website, or donated, or checked out a postcarding campaign, and more. (Whenever you take action, I hope you will let me know, however it’s most convenient, whether in the comments or on social media or leaving me an email.)

Let me ask you a question: How much time do you set aside each week to take action? It doesn’t have to be actions you read about in my blog–I assume you all take in political news from a variety of sources.

I ask because I’d love to know how my posts can better serve you, as we work towards our common goals: Winning a lot of elections in November, expanding access to the ballot, limiting election interference, and defending the Constitution. I will continue to give you relevant and timely information, but information without action won’t help us achieve our goals.

I’ll look forward to your suggestions and will leave you with this great TED Talk about The Science of Taking Action. (This guy won my heart in 30 seconds when he said he loves Post-it Notes. I’m a huge fan. I literally have DOZENS of Post-its on my desk right now.)

You can leave me your ideas either in the comments or at any of my social media accounts. Thank you!
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  1. When can we talk? (:

    November is coming. Make sure you’re registered to vote here . Request your ballot to vote by mail here .

  2. I’d like a list of suggestions of what to say to people to persuade them to register to vote AND to vote. Given the repeated news stories of long voting lines and other issues, I’m sure some of that is seeping into the consciousness of people who don’t spend much time thinking of politics. So they don’t dig deeper or care enough, and just throw up their hands and say “why bother?” And answers for people who are so cynical in their views about how ANY political change can impact them at all.

  3. I look forward to your emails. I specifically look for races where I can remotely support candidates that support my issues. I love when you suggest groups that are working toward the same overall goal so that I can also find them & support them. Thank you for all you do! Keep going!

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