Tennessee’s Fight Over Voting by Mail, in Headlines

There’s a fierce fight happening in Tennessee right now. The ability for their voters to be able to vote by mail during a pandemic hangs in the balance.

Here’s how the story has played out over the past two weeks. (Click on the headlines to read more.)

Tennessee officials: 2020 vote-by-mail for all not feasible

Judge to decide on excuse-free mail voting in Tennessee amid coronavirus fears

Judge: Tennessee must allow postal voting for all amid virus

Election officials instructed not to immediately comply with judge’s order on absentee ballots

Judge Threatens to Hold Tennessee in Contempt Over Not Allowing Coronavirus Fears as Valid Excuse for Mail-In Voting

Judge rules TN violated vote-by-mail order; requires absentee ballots for eligible voters

Hopefully, the story ends here, but I’ll keep an eye out for updates.

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